Food Vouchers Assistance Programme

Redeemed for food items or ‘spent’ in selected supermarkets, food vouchers are used to allow refugees and asylum seekers having financial stress to shop for their choice of necessities. They offer the opportunity to buy products, such as fresh food, milk, baby formula, nappies, soap, toothpaste, etc. that would not often be contained in standard food boxes. MSRI’s food support tends to focus on the provision on non-perishable items (rice, oil, biscuits, dry noodles, etc).

 Food vouchers serve as better alternatives to traditional food assistance among NGOs as they help to cut down costs for transporting and storing food (that tend to come in large volumes).  Additionally, the usage of food vouchers indirectly empowers the less privileged as they offer more options and varieties based on what they want and need, as well as spending power. By spending in local supermarkets, food vouchers also help to strengthen the local economy.

You can donate via our website or using the platform  here

Just state Give a Food Voucher in your transaction and we will do the rest!

Give a Food Voucher