Let’s Volunteer

Our Expectation from Volunteers

  • Uphold our mission and objectives
  • Deliver aid with the highest level of compassion, professionalism and care
  • Maintain personal satisfactory health, physical & mental stamina
  • Be accountable to MSRI, donors, beneficiaries, employers, and fellow members/volunteers
  • Most importantly – be SINCERE

Our Responsibility to Volunteers

  • Share our vision and mission
  • Inculcate professionalism in volunteerism
  • Provide relevant training
  • Provide welfare & security while on missions
  • We are constantly looking for volunteers who have the passion, drive and professionalism while supporting our humanitarian efforts

We are looking for volunteers to support the following programme: The SAHABAT Support Centre Programme (location in KL)

Want to be a Volunteer? You can download the following form and email it to us at volunteers@msri.org.my. Thank you!

Volunteer Flier

Volunteer Form