Elham Livelihood Project

Empowering refugees to sow, grow, and harvest their own seeds of resilience

Previously known as CINTA, the project was established in 2011 as a space where refugees and asylum-seekers could socialize, develop their skills, and generate an income. As the Malaysian government is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention on the status of refugees, they are considered undocumented. Without legal status, refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia are not allowed to work. Elham's mission is to empower its members to use their skills to support themselves and their families. At the Elham workshops artisans can learn new crafts and share their skills with others in the community. Elham members are encouraged to promote their small business by selling their products and services at bazaars and charity events.
Elham's artisans are refugees from the Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and African regions. They are skilled in various crafts, including leather work, jewelry making and cross-stitching. Each item is made by hand. They are sold via our online shop and at weekly bazaars. Products for sale include bags, jewelry, and clothing. Some artisans also offer services, such as catering, cleaning, and beauty treatment.
postcard - kampong in Melaka
elham bags fanned
elham bag