Healthcare Program

Refugees don't have lots of options. This is the only place they can come in order to feel safe. When they come to me it's not just about a headache - when you dig deeper, there's always more to it. - Dr. Farhana, health centre physician

The Health Centre is the hub for all health-related services offered by MSRI, including primary healthcare, mental health counselling, and other auxiliary services such as yoga and physiotherapy. primary healthcare and mental health counselling are offered Monday to Friday according to doctor availability - there is currently one paid physician on staff and two volunteer physicians.
The Health Centre also offers blood tests, vaccination drives, heavily subsidized medication, and in circumstances outside its capacity, referrals to partners such as Buddhist Tzu Chi for dental and pap-smears, or Spec Vision for optometry. MSRI encourages refugees to register for UNHCR's REMEDI insurance program, which partially covers costs for refugees in case of emergency hospitalization.
In addition, this past year MSRI's Volunteer Coordinators organized three Health Awareness sessions with the Afghan, Somali and Yemeni communities on nutrition, general health, and women's health. Each session was well attended by 20-30 women!