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The SUPPORT A FAMILY PROGRAMME matches vulnerable refugee families living in the Klang Valley area with individual or group sponsors to provide the family with regular assistance. From monetary allowance, food, to household essentials, the support provided depends on the needs of each family. In addition, it is possible to provide funding to cover any other specific necessities, such as rent, schooling or medical costs (especially for children and adults suffering from serious illnesses).

Some examples of how your support can help:

    • RM 150 allows a family of 5 to use public transport to and from school and have breakfast for a month
    • RM 250 allows a family of 5 to buy basic food items for a month
    • RM 300 can help with medication for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy or other
    • RM 600-800 can pay the rent for a family to stay in a room or small flat
    • RM 1,000 can cover monthly treatment for serious chronic and terminal diseases such as dialysis or cancer

The programme seeks to benefit those refugees at particular risk and unable to access services or other means of support. It also assists refugees in Malaysia that unable to work legally and are having difficulty making ends meet. Families selected for the programme include those having small children, and families with one or more members diagnosed with chronic diseases.

SUPPORTING A FAMILY is easy. MSRI has a list with the description of the families who are in need of support. You, as a sponsor, can select the family whom you wish to support and MSRI will ensure that your funding and any other in-kind donations you may wish to make are given to the chosen family. You can choose to remain anonymous or MSRI can, in some cases, organise supervised visits.

Alternatively, if you want to contribute to helping these families in need but you do not wish to select a specific family, MSRI will ensure that your support goes to those families in greater need of assistance. Sponsors can be individuals, families, small businesses or large corporations.

MSRI commits to passing 100% of your donation to the selected family. If you wish to help us with the cost of administering the program (allocated staff member, banking costs, monitoring and evaluation of the program, etc.) we give you the opportunity to add an extra 5% to your donation for this purpose.

If you would like to become a sponsor simply fill out the Donor Application Form and send it to We will contact you to arrange the payments and help match you to a family.

Please feel free to ask questions at any point, we are always happy to help!

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