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Food security is a real challenge for many vulnerable refugee and asylum-seeker families in Malaysia that do not have access to income generating activities and are forced to live off charity. Food donations tend to focus on non-perishable items that are easier to store and manage but have very limited nutritional value and are often inappropriate for small children or people with chronic diseases.

MSRI’s food voucher program aims to restore the dignity of refugees and asylum-seekers by giving them the opportunity to make choices about their health and nutrition needs with a low risk of misuse. It allows refugees and asylum-seekers to access food items that are otherwise not available to them, and promotes planning and budgeting in accordance with individual needs.

The program also empowers refugees and asylum-seekers to make choices and moves away from creating a ‘handout culture’ in which people become used to receiving aid and lose independence. By being able to buy the food they need, refugees and asylum-seekers will be able to direct their limited funds to other needs such as paying rent or buying medicines.

Your contributions will go directly to purchasing food vouchers from supermarkets such as BIG and Tesco. These vouchers will be allocated to refugee and asylum-seeker families in urgent need and without any other source of support.

You can donate via our website or using the platform here

Just state Give a Food Voucher in your transaction and we will do the rest!

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Food Vouchers

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