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Siri Buku Kanak-Kanak Palestin (Palestinian Children’s Book Series)


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Available in Bahasa Melayu and English

Year of Publishing: 2008
Price: MYR45.00 (per set)
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BENARLAH kanak-kanak sering bercerita melalui pengalaman mereka yang sebenar. Sebagai contoh, sekumpulan kanak-kanak yang berada di sebuah kem pelarian di Palestin hanya menginginkan tempat tinggal, sebuah rumah dan juga katil sebagai ‘perkara impian’ mereka. Sebaliknya, kanak-kanak sebaya yang belajar di sebuah tadika di Norway memberi jawapan berlainan iaitu patung mainan terbaru, hadiah hari jadi dan makanan yang enak.

It is true that children often tell tales through real life experience. As an example, a group of children living in a refugee camp in Palestine only longs for a place to call home, a house and a bed as their ‘dreams to be fulfilled’. On the other hand, children of the same age who go to a kindergarten in Norway give different answers, such as a new doll, birthday presents and delicious food.


There is 6 books in 1 set:

Majid’s Chest

Majed lives in a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. He collects photographs and stories of Palestine and stores them in a secret chest. He dreams of turning them into a big surprise.

Photo Album

Raed is injured during siege of Jenin camp in 2002. He loses his brother and his home. While going through the rubble of what was once his house, Raed finds a photo album with all the photos of his family.

Whispers in Jerusalem

A group of friends are bewildered by strange events going on in their city. Their teacher Fadwa keeps whispering to them a strange word they do not understand, until events make the meaning clear.

Celebrating Palm Sunday

A group of friends with their families take refugee in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem when the city is attacked by the Israelis. Palm Sunday arrives and all who under siege unite.

Al- Fawakheer Color

Samia and friends are members of a club, complete with a secret hiding place where they meet. They conduct experiments at their makeshift lab using simple materials. When their life is changed by Israeli occupation, they shift their focus.

Maryam and Soha

Maryam lives in al-Jalazoun camp in the West Bank and Soha lives in Burj el-Shemali camp in south of Lebanon. They meet online and become fast friends, exchanging stories, fears, hopes and wishes.

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