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The story of The Elham Project

The Elham Project (previously CINTA) was started in 2011 to provide refugee and asylum-seeking women with an opportunity to earn an income through making and selling artisanal crafts. Vocational training is provided and traditional designs and methods are encouraged in the making of bags, jewelry, clothes, and household products. In 2016, the project expanded to include some refugee men with artisanal skills, such as leatherwork and shoemaking. Elham also provides catering opportunities for refugees with cooking skills to showcase their delicious traditional cuisines, with everything from Afghani to Pakistani delicacies (and don't forget the baklava!) As of 2017, Elham provides skills training to 45+ artisans regularly, empowering refugees with a sense of independence and creativity and providing them with a safe place to meet in community.

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