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On Becoming Alijah by Alijah Gordon (2003)



In this, the first part of her autobiography, the scholar, historian, activist and writer Alijah Gordon traces her footsteps across several continents – from North America to the Arab World, to South Asia and Finally Southeast Asia – as she sought to ‘crack (her) head on the reality of the people rather than intellectualise on Socialism and revolution’

With only a hundred dollars in her pocket the idealistic (though never quiet) American student from Columbia University embarked on a journey that would eventually consume her entire life and work, bringing her into contact with some of the greatest figures of the post war and post-colonial era.

Beautifully written, and backed up with a plethora of footnotes and historical references, it is an example of living history captured in narrative form which is increasingly rare these days. A work that would resonate with other like-minded insans who think of the world as their home and the lot of humanity as their own.

-Farish A. Noor, Centre for Modern Orient Studies, Berlin, Germany.

Product Details

Title:           On Becoming Alijah, Part 1: From the American Revolutionary War Through Burma, March 1957

Author:       Alijah Gordon

Pages:        403

Published:  2003

Publisher:  Alijah Gordon

Language:  English

ISBN:         983-99866-6-X


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