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The Rama Saga in Malaysia by Alexander Zieseniss (1963)



“The story of Prince Rama and his faithful spouse Sita, her forceful abduction by Ravana, the ten headed ogre king of Langka, and the final conquest of Langka by the monkeys helping Rama – of whom faithful Anuman is the best known – is unrivalled.

Wheresoever the story of Rama became known it attracted its listeners and readers by its artistic as well as by its ethical merits. The story of Rama belongs to all ages and all creeds: its origin is Hindu, several of its students are Christians, and it lives among Muslim Javanese and Malays. Several versions are known to exist in the Malay language and it is to the credit of Dr. Zieseniss to have studied them thoroughly.”

-C. Hooykaas

Product Details

Title:          The Rama Saga in Malaysia

Author:      Alexander Zieseniss, translated by P.W. Burch, edited by Shirle Gordon, forward by C. Hoo Ykaas

Pages:        202

Published:  1963

Publisher:  Malaysian Social Research Istitute

Language:  English


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