New app takes over your smartphone and shows you what it’s like to be a refugee

Experience life of a refugee by using ‘Finding Home’ app
April 27, 2017
UNHCR, Malaysian firm launch mobile app on refugee struggle
April 27, 2017
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New app takes over your smartphone and shows you what it’s like to be a refugee

By Matt Petronzio

Smartphones have become lifelines for refugees around the world. Now, a powerful new app will show you how crucial the technology is by taking over your phone’s operating system and transforming it into the phone of a 16-year-old refugee girl.

“Finding Home,” which was launched on Tuesday by the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and advertising firm Grey Malaysia, puts you in the shoes of Rohingya teenager Kathijah as she flees persecution in Myanmar and tries to make a new life in Malaysia.

Kathijah, or “Kat” to friends and family, is fictional. But what you see in the app are very real struggles for Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic minority that has faced discrimination and persecution in Myanmar for years. The app’s goal is to spread awareness, create empathy, and galvanize action around the global refugee crisis overall.

“The refugee story is often a deeply personal one and difficult for people to understand,” Richard Towle, UNHCR representative in Malaysia, said in a statement.

“We hope that this application will allow a viewer to walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes in order to understand what they go through every day in order to find safety,” he said.

The “immersive mobile experience” simulates Kat’s phone, letting you swipe through photos, view videos, and receive texts and calls.

Early on in the simulation, someone named Rahim texts her via WhatsApp that their village is not safe. “We can’t stay,” he writes. You can then choose Kat’s reply: “Where can we go?” or “We have to run, now.” Regardless of your choice, her safety is in jeopardy, and she’s forced to leave Myanmar and find her way to Malaysia.

Kat’s journey jumps across days, weeks, and months. Her — and your — experiences range from extremely jarring to slightly more calm, whether it’s a harrowing video call from Kat’s brother as he runs from a raid through a jungle and the call cuts off abruptly, or a text conversation with another refugee friend about taking classes in English and Malay.

“By using the familiar functions your smartphone has as a storytelling device, the experience becomes uniquely personal and more impactful as a result,” said Graham Drew, executive creative director at Grey Malaysia. “[It’s] making a very important story accessible to a whole new audience.”

While much of “Finding Home” is disturbing, staying true to so many refugee experiences, there are moments of hope and humanity. Kat connects with several people along the way who befriend her, and help her get in touch with the UNHCR office.

The app naturally features some of the work UNHCR does in Malaysia. Throughout the app, you’ll find links to the UNHCR website to donate, volunteer, and learn more about the refugee crisis.

More than 150,000 refugees and asylum-seekers are currently registered with UNHCR in Malaysia, the majority of whom are from Myanmar. Of those, 58,000 refugees are Rohingya. Nearly 36,000 of refugees in Malaysia are children under 18, with stories similar to Kat’s.

This isn’t UNHCR’s first time launching an app to depict the refugee experience for the wider public. In 2012, the agency launched “My Life as a Refugee,” which put users in positions that forced them to make life and death decisions.

“Finding Home” expands on that conversation. It’s available now on Android, with an iOS version coming soon.

Source: MashableAsia


  1. Ubasom Oge says:

    Dave Umahi, has described the rate of the recovery of President
    Muhammadu Buhari as a miracle.

    Umahi, who is one of the seven governors that visited the President in London on Wednesday night, told one of our correspondents
    on the telephone from London, that he and his colleagues were surprised
    with the level of his (President) recovery.

    Apart from Umahi, others governors in the entourage are Udom Emmanuel (Akwa Ibom); Abdulaziz Yari (Zamfara);
    Abiola Ajimobi (Oyo); Samuel Ortom (Benue); Umar Ganduje (Kano);
    and Kashim Shettima (Borno).

    Six of the governors were chosen based on the six geo-political zones in the country while the governor of Zamfara State was picked because of his
    position as the chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum.

    Umahi, who was one of the two governors from the opposition party,
    the Peoples Democratic Party, said that it was difficult for members of the opposition to believe what they
    were being told by the handlers of the President that he was getting better.

    He, however, said that he was happy, just like the other six governors, that the President was making progress
    and that he had improved very well.

    The governor said the President would soon return to the country as soon as his doctors certified
    him alright.

    He said, “We met a cheerful President whose level of recovery is a miracle. We know he will soon return home as soon as his doctors certify him to do so. What he’s treating is not mere malaria that we can say he will return today or tomorrow.

    “However, we are happy and we thank God for what we saw.
    It is contrary to the pictures people are painting on the social media.

    The President we saw is recuperating well and we
    are happy for that.

    “It is even better that, we as members of the opposition party, are among the entourage. Nigerians should continue to pray for the President. ”

    Asked whether the President told them the likely date of his return, he said no,
    adding that there was no need to be too expectant, saying
    that the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), was doing a good job.

    “We don’t need to panic because we have a hardworking acting President who is doing a fantastic job. All we need to do as Nigerians is to continue to pray for the President,” the
    governor added.

    It was gathered that the governors had lunch with the President before leaving.

    The Presidency later released some pictures showing the
    President in a conversation with the governors.

    There was also a group picture showing Buhari standing with the visiting governors after the meeting.

    Another picture showed the President with his wife, Aisha, and
    another unidentified lady on a sofa.

    Ajimobi later wrote on his Twitter handle and Facebook page that the President received
    him and his colleagues warmly.

    “My counterparts, the Governor’s Forum delegation and I were warmly received by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari in London, United Kingdom,” he wrote.
    6 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by serverconnect:5:
    45amI weep for this country. Look at the way
    tax payers money are been wasted for nothing that cannot put food on the table of a common man(if it is true they really visited) Why can’t PMB address Nigerians from London with the modern IT broadcasting equipment.

    30 Likes 1 ShareRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi,
    Ebonyi Governor by net282:5:53amBecause is not wested on ur father’s head, remember Mr president is the
    father of any country
    25 Likes 8 SharesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” –
    Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by SELFmade7(m):5:55amBuhari cloth cover him up to his neck nawaaa oh

    Cold dey London this period?

    Thank God for his life o
    5 Likes 2 SharesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave
    Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by net282:5:55amU can’t decide God, God works according to his wish
    3 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by
    U can’t decide God, God works according to his wish

    Why involving his father in your comment ?
    1 LikeRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by EYIBLESSN(m):6:03amSome People are very funny !

    * Was he with them when he was critically ill?
    * Is he one of the Physician ?
    Fallacy of Hasty Generalization.

    May God help Nigeria and her People.
    7 Likes 2 SharesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” –
    Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by Eastfield1:6:16amis this what you
    call recovery?
    23 Likes 3 SharesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor
    by escodotman:6:21amOh ”what he’s treating is not malaria
    that we can say he will today or tomorro” So
    mr governor why dont you tell us what he’s treating The president is public property!!

    2 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by gohzieh(m):6:22amlooks more like a corpse.

    4 Likes 1 ShareRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” –
    Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by escodotman:6:
    Because is not wested on ur father’s head, remember Mr president is the father of any country
    Savage. One ill-trained vagabond spotted. No respect
    for other people’s parents because you dont respect yours
    3 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi,
    Ebonyi Governor by DLondonboiy:6:44amThis man just said
    exactly the same thing that okorcha said..

    Surprised to see the president…

    The president I saw was cheerful and other craps.

    Sounds rehersed to me..

    If the president is well and alive, let him come back to Nigeria na…is he no longer the president?

    9 Likes 1 ShareRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by ZombieTAMER:7:02amAnd each governor was given a script to read after the said

    5 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by TonyeBarcanista(m):7:14amThat you
    are in the opposition doesn’t mean you should wish death to the President.
    We are humans first before becoming politicians.

    Mr. President, get well soon and return heartily so that you can taste
    your 4th electoral humiliation from newbie APDA
    6 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by
    feelgoodInc:7:14amUmahi should be ashamed, the best news that ever came up from his state in the
    past four years was Nnamdi kanu’s visit.

    10 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by iyketex007:7:
    25amIt’s morbid,grotesquing and utterly mystifying d way and manner we live and carry on wit our lives in this country.

    if the Pix of the ‘So called’ President up there
    is anything to go by,then we really have a problem here
    cos that doesn’t look much like a man recovering to me.

    The only difference I see here is that he decided to
    have a change of clothes.
    Having said that I think a bill should be sponsored to that effect that must
    mandate d Presidency to always give real time update to the
    Nigerian people since we’ve made it our culture to always ‘elect’ sick presidents
    into the villa.
    10 Likes 1 ShareRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle”
    – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by sneezeemek(m):7:31amUmahi and CO-travellers are bunch if senseless fools, why must they move the
    Nation to London to go and see Buhari? They can as well move the next
    Wednesday SEC meeting to London. I don’t know when Nigeria
    as a nation reduced to this point! Among our so called elites do we still have anybody with sense?

    Soyinka and co talkative where are u guys? ..u talked when there us nothing to talk about, now we re been disgraced upandan as a nation and suddenly
    u went into hidden, come and speak, frog eyes obasanjo where are u?
    . If we the poor masses cannot judge you believe me posterity will surely judge
    you guyz here on earth a day God will finish work
    on the judgment day
    8 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by Basic123:7:34amSELFmade7:

    Why involving his father in your comment ?

    Because the president too is someone else father.

    And that is why the fathers of those people wishing for buhari
    death will die earlier than him.
    11 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave
    Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by SELFmade7(m):7:41amBasic123:

    Because the president too is his someone else father.

    And that is why the fathers of those people wishing for buhari death will
    die earlier than him.

    Lolzz bro easy, maybe this regime never affected
    you the way it affected them, many loss their job,
    some their businesses has crumbled if you check all
    these things you will understand their frustration, tho am not in support of them wishing him death, you know out of frustration you can say anything
    7 Likes 1 ShareRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by eunisam:7:
    53ammiracle fall on you
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by Ollogbo(m):9:05amThe old man must resign still
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by
    VinoCent(m):9:05amAm handsome your not…..
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor
    by LastSurvivor11:9:05amSimply say that he is still breathing is a miracle, but recovering?

    I don’t really think so..

    He doesn’t look like one who is recovering..
    1 LikeRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave
    Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by Ussy4real(m):9:06amserverconnect:
    I weep for this country. Look at the way tax payers
    money are been wasted for nothing that cannot put food on the table of a common man(if it is true they really visited)
    Why can’t PMB addresses Nigerians from London with the modern IT
    broadcasting equipment.
    As if you dey pay tax
    13 Likes 1 ShareRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave
    Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by infogenius(m):9:06amJust
    tell him to come back home.
    I am not interested in the mood you met him
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi
    Governor by maclatunji:9:06amEastfield1:
    is this what you call recovery?

    So, it is no longer they did not visit him?
    8 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi,
    Ebonyi Governor by magoo10:9:07amHow will you be talking about being surprised at the presidents recovery when you don’t
    even know the ailment he is suffering from. and the drama continues for the gullible .

    this govt have taken her people for morons.
    I can understand why they took this lily livered ,premature governor to London for the show of

    Government by photography .
    1 LikeRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by BrutalJab:9:07amUmahi the weakest Igbo governor of our time, an old lying vagabond.

    What will it take the presidency to make a video of
    our healthy President? Hmmm
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by
    Umahi should be ashamed, the best news that ever came up from
    his state in the past four years was Nnamdi kanu’s visit.

    Ipob donkeys can be very funny.why hate anyone who support
    anything APC in anyway…so because he said the obvious,
    he should be ashamed of himself abi??

    If he had said the president was terribly sick now,you all would have being jumping upandan calling him son of the soil abi??

    Children of hate….
    18 LikesRe: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by
    Thisis2raw(m):9:08amSince 2015 Nigeria had been a joke, I
    have never seen a country were it president has been overseas for over 3months
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by
    The northern governors will keep quiet for fear of being quoted in the future.
    Those idiots from the South will be opening their mouth without sense.

    Your father that has sense is in your potor potor village playing with red mud while you are here insulting others dad,who are

    Children of hate
    Re: “Buhari’s Recovery Is A Miracle” – Dave Umahi, Ebonyi Governor by rattlesnake(m):
    is this what you call recovery?
    See this Ode senseless BIAFRAN
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